Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Nuke - Calling python from TCL - File Name To Label

So trivial but always forgotten (by me). Rigth now I write it down for the eternity.

The most common situation when we might want to call python from TCL is using the label field on the given node's Node tab. If we put some text here like "maki"

it will appear below the node's name in the node graph.

If we use bracket "[ ]" to delimit the text it is interpreted as TCL command until it is valid command (otherwise it will be only text). So we can put something like this:

focal: [value focal]

It would look like this:

To call python we can to use the following syntax:

[python {python commands}]

To output the file name of the camera we can use the following expression:

[python {nuke.thisNode()['file'].value().split("/")[-1]}]

It would look like this: 

Monday, February 8, 2016

Animation is the weakest area in VFX - Intro

I read an article about the future of VFX a long time ago. It was in 2004. You can still have it:12 Predictions on the Future of VFX. We can summarize what came true.
My point is as the title says: the animation in VFX is still way more immature than other areas. I don't speak about animated (2D or CG) films or shorts because they are amazing.
It is a complex issue. First of all I should define what I mean by animation. Usually we can separate animation of living things like animals (not plants though) and the others. We can talk about keyframe animation, technical animation, traditional animation, character animation, etc.
I want to write about it in details, but right now I just post a video. It is about how science can deal with animation. I'm looking forward to the solution where animation is kind of a mixture of simulation and keyframe animation.

Monday, February 1, 2016

Maya Bug - Viewport 2.0 Refresh

I tested on Maya 2015 and 2016. For example if we create a multilevel instanced hierarchy:


and remove one object at the second level:

 the object looks still instanced in the viewport:

If we change to Legacy Default Viewport it looks correct. To refresh Viewport 2.0 I had to reload the maya scene.